"Bill McDermott asked me to reach out to say that you did an outstanding job at University College of London last week! He and I spoke about you on our flight back to the U.S. – we were both so impressed by your professionalism and composure."


"It was great working with you again and I think we had a lot of fun and great output in Orlando. All the SAP guys were very happy and I´m pretty sure, we´ll be in touch for the next project, soon"


"Hannah had a positive energy, very smiley and happy. She had a clear voice and we would trust her to deliver a good job. She was able to read autocue well."


"Thanks Hannah! Glad you had fun, the client thought you all did an amazing job!"


"You did really great and we are glad that we have flown you in! :) Your energy is great and your improvs are hilarious, so keep up the good work. Thanks for your great performance and joyful bubbly personality, we enjoyed working with you."


"Thanks so much for your amazing work on this project"


"Thank you so much for your help, the client was very happy with your work."


We are absolutely thrilled that you are on board! We are delighted that you’re working with us on this project. You've already really impressed, no pressure!! 

Boojum Media 


You are such a pleasure on every level! A real pro! I can’t get enough of you. The CEO says you’re brilliant - it all looks amazing, will be hard to choose which takes as they’re all good!

Psychology Today

Hannah is a versatile presenter with bags of personality, really strong sense of judgement and a natural ability to make her interviewees feel at ease. Her energy is infectious and often translates into her work on stage and as a TV show host. Hannah's commitment to her job is admirable - always well prepared, thoroughly researched and extremely professional. She really is a joy to work with.

London Live/Evening Standard